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Sometimes webcomics teach me a thing or two about the library world…

As you can see, Wondermark, by LA-based cartoonist David Malki !, is made up of repurposed illustrations, and derives much of its humor from the mystery of these recontextualized engravings, and especially the contrast with their very modern foibles and concerns (the internet, social media, etc).

On his about page, Malki ! discusses the making of his comic, which he populates with scans from his own personal collection of old books, as well as that of the Los Angeles Central Library.  Well, imagine his delight as more and more institutions put their digitized materials online, including The British Library‘s  recent entry into the Flickr Commons, Flickr’s repository for public domain images from institutions all over the world.  The comic above is made entirely from The British Library‘s newly available collections, which Malki ! celebrated by citing his sources, including this one:

British Library illustration, ID: 001437859

“Gleanings from popular authors” from The British Library

Already, The British Library has more than a million images on Flickr, all released into the public domain, so lots to explore and lots to do with them too…


Carl Andre in The Hague – Guggenheim Blogs

Did I mention I’m a blogger for the Guggenheim?  nbd or anything…

I interned in their library this spring, when librarians began joining archivists to blog about items from the collection, and I recently started blogging for them again, with one of my first new posts out today:

Carl Andre, Dutch binder

Dutch Museum binder on 1969 Carl Andre exhibit, in the Guggenheim collection

Carl Andre in The Hague – Guggenheim Blogs.

This was a pretty fun one to research, independent of my admiration for the Dutch,  especially since I found some relevant resources on Europeana, including this later picture of Andre at the same museum, the Haags Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.

You can see all my Guggenheim posts here!  I’m actually due to write up some more, so will keep you posted on any noteworthy Findings…

A Trained Librarian in Training

Say hello to the snazzy new blog for my snazzy new professional website!  I still have lots of content to add to the site, but I wanted to roll it out so I could start with the blogging.  Expect tales from my own library and art adventures as well as random things I find interesting that seem at all relevant…

"A Trained Librarian is a Powerful search Engine with a Heart" poster

Copyright Sarah McIntyre

Let’s kick things off with this adorable poster created by Sarah McIntyre out of London for the Mass Lobby of Parliament for School Libraries back in 2012, asking for each British school to have a library run by a trained librarian.  Since then, McIntyre put the illustration up for free download on her blog, so anyone in similar straits can make use of it!

McIntyre is a published children’s book illustrator, so a good role model for me on my quest to become a combo librarian-cartoonist…  Her website includes free activity sheet downloads from her books and lots of great comics, including autobio and travel comics.