Carl Andre in The Hague – Guggenheim Blogs

Did I mention I’m a blogger for the Guggenheim?  nbd or anything…

I interned in their library this spring, when librarians began joining archivists to blog about items from the collection, and I recently started blogging for them again, with one of my first new posts out today:

Carl Andre, Dutch binder

Dutch Museum binder on 1969 Carl Andre exhibit, in the Guggenheim collection

Carl Andre in The Hague – Guggenheim Blogs.

This was a pretty fun one to research, independent of my admiration for the Dutch,  especially since I found some relevant resources on Europeana, including this later picture of Andre at the same museum, the Haags Gemeentemuseum in The Hague.

You can see all my Guggenheim posts here!  I’m actually due to write up some more, so will keep you posted on any noteworthy Findings…